Reflections on some Mirror Magic…

Matt Owens, Victoria Annis (centre) with the cast

As two first-time directors, Snow White was a baptism of scary, joyous fire. We’ve already thanked people – to do so again would take up the entire newsletter – but we remain in awe of PODS’ talents and collaborative spirit. We had such amazing support from the cast, crew and society throughout the months of preparation and the intense twelve weeks of rehearsals. Not least when we came down with Covid-19 just before the show!

Our illustrious predecessors told us that nothing would compare to seeing “our” show on the stage at No.8, and they were right. It feels like a gentle miracle that PODS put on Snow White at all. But we got much more than that: watching and hearing PODS blow the audience away again and again, with a show that surpassed our wildest dreams thanks to the efforts of everyone on and off stage, will stay with us forever.

We’re so excited that we get to come back for Guys and Dolls, co-produced with Allan Brodie with maestro Hemming wielding the baton, in June 2023!

Behind the scenes with the crew

PODS next production will be our Summer show ‘Mad About Musicals’. Tickets on sale now from Number 8 Box Office:

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