Half a Sixpence, The Leading Lady

11th January, about 3pm sat at my desk at work (should have be working….shh!) dialling tone…. Sue answers:

Me: “Hi Sue, It’s Hannah….”

Sue: “Hello Hannah, sorry I missed you earlier, anyway I suppose you’re anxious to know the outcome! I just want to say well done in last nights audition Hannah, it took us a very long time to decide…. you were all so good…. but we’d like to offer you the leading part, Congratulations!”

Me: “Oh! Thank you!”

I don’t really remember much of the conversation after that! My colleague was doing a dance in her chair at the news and I was in complete shock!

There was no time for it to settle in, rehearsals 7:30 that evening!
Everyone was so lovely, congratulating me, telling me it was about time (This is my 1st leading role) and telling me how wonderful I’m gonna be! (No pressure!)
I was so filled with excitement and nerves (more of one than the other!) that I could only manage to thank people and grin like a Cheshire cat.

The first few weeks of rehearsal were a little strange for me as Anne (my character) isn’t in the 1st act all that much so I didn’t see much of the rest of the company and my friends for a while. I felt a little disconnected and I think this why it took me so long to accept the fact that this wasn’t a dream!

The news sunk in properly on publicity photo evening (mid Feb). I rushed from work in Worcester to Number 8 had my wig put on, touched my make up, up and put on my costume. I stopped. I caught sight of myself in the mirror and thought…. “Well, this is it, I’m Anne Pornick.”

Having the photos taken was something I’d not experienced properly before, it’s a strange situation! Especially when you are trying very hard not to laugh when you have to stare at your leading man in the eyes for what feels like an hour! Then there is the smiling, constantly, the biggest least fake smile you can manage! Cor’ it don’t half make your cheeks ache!

I’m happy with the photo they went with for the publicity shots I think it’s really sweet (I’ve posted it below so please have a look!) ┬áIt’s very odd seeing your face smiling out at you from shop windows, big banner on the Facebook page and as a massive poster in the Number 8 foyer! Although a lot of people don’t recognise me as I have short ginger hair, so it’s very far from my natural look!

We are now 8 weeks away from show week, I keep flicking through my diary to check my plans and I stumble across SHOW WEEK (written in massive letters!)
I’m not really sure how it makes me feel…. I mean I am nervous obviously but there’s a large wave of determination mixed in. I will try my hardest and that’s all I can do and I will not let the nerves beat me!

For a really long time I have avoided leading parts as I didn’t think I was good enough and solo singing terrifies me. But there was something about Anne that I loved, that I couldn’t ignore. She is feisty and determined yet soft and gentle. I really hope that I do her justice!

I can’t wait to see you all there 5th to 10th June, I hope you’ve booked your tickets!